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The good folks over at Divine Intel (Twitter @divineintel) asked to borrow a little space on my blog as they are still getting their website set up. They’ve recently tweeted 21 URLs where you can go to submit requests to have your information removed from the people search sites, and in some cases phone numbers too. The tweets are tagged with #eraseme and #privacy to make them easy to find as well.

There are over 60 sites they work with to help remove information from, and the list below is not exhaustive, but it is a complete list as far as they know of those sites allowing for web-based submissions for records removal requests.

Some sites only accept requests by mail, such as PeopleLookUp, US Search, & Zaba Search which can all be reached at the same address. Although, one site tells you that you can only fax in your request, another says you can only mail it, and one allows you to fax and/or mail it… ironically, they all share overlapping fax or mailing information. So one letter, to this address requesting removal from all three sites should help take care of this one. Be sure to check out their OptOut requirements as you have to send supporting documentation you’ll need this form too Yes, that form is hosted on the Intelius domain.

Privacy Officer / Records Removals
P.O. Box 4145
Removal Bellevue WA 98009-4145

Here is the consolidated list of URLs that they tweeted out separately earlier this evening.

Be sure to follow their twitter account for helpful nuggets on deleting your personal information and reducing your digital footprint.

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