Other Services

Whether you’re a lawyer, law enforcement officer, defendant, prosecutor, or a business professional, our team has the skills you need to stay prepared. We offer a wide range of intelligence services and can customize a package based on the specific needs of your organization.


Our training teaches critical thinking skills first, then techniques and/or tools.  Before we train your team, we meet with them to establish their baseline skillset and understand what they know versus what they think. We then design a training plan that starts at their current level and takes them higher.

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Insider Threat Assessments

For organizations needing passive or active assessments of specific individuals within their employment that may pose abnormal levels of risk to the organization.

C-Suite Risk Assessments

For organizations interested in identifying their key personnel’s risks relative to their personal information exposure.


Digital Footprinting & Data Removal

For privacy-minded individuals who would like to reduce their publicly available information.

There are plenty of services offering to remove your information from the Internet for between $100 and $500, and they in fact get your information removed. However, within a matter of weeks or months, your data begins to slowly repopulate; eventually, you are back where you started and need to pay for the services again. By design, this is a repeat business model because they never truly address the source of the problem: consumer behavior.

Divine Intel is different. We not only work to remove your personal data, but we also teach you how it populates so you can take control of your privacy. 

This is one service where we hope to never have repeat customers, rather fully satisfied customers who recommend us to their friends and family. We offer various levels of data removal to meet different client needs, from customers who just want to know what information is out there, to those who want to reduce spam and marketing calls/mailings/emails, to the few who truly want to take back their privacy.

The Problem

Your personal information is scattered all over the Internet, and you do not know where to begin to remove it. This information could be used in multiple, even nefarious ways:

  • Stalking
  • Bullying
  • Identity theft
  • Pedophiles targeting minors
  • Potential employers “vetting” you through other parties
  • Scammers targeting you
  • Revenge
  • Litigation

The Solution

The process starts with a Personal Privacy Assessment (PPA), which takes a minimum of four hours. However, the total hours required for a comprehensive assessment depends on the client’s needs/request.

The PPA produces a full report of findings and data sources. Divine Intel will explain the report and help the client understand how their consumer behavior enables the data to populate and spread.

Should the client wish to change their consumer behavior and remove some or all of the data identified in the report, Divine Intel stands ready. PPA clients receive discounts for data removal services purchased within 90 days of PPA report delivery.