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Certifications & Licenses

We are affiliate members of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI), which means we have access to a large network of private investigators, but we are not licensed private investigators.

Yes. We have an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot on our team, who also has over 20 years of military experience as a pilot.

Yes. We have a certified American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigation team member on staff, who has performed over 5,000 death investigations.

Yes. Our CEO and CISO hold, and have held, multiple cyber security certifications over the past 25+ years. 

Project Types

What is a basic project/service?

Basic services usually take two (2) hours max, and a written report is not provided. Turn-around time is usually 24 hours on normal work days during non-peak times.  It starts with the client providing a unique identifier or multiple data point(s) such as full name, email address, phone numbers, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license, voter registration, VIN, license plate etc. with the desired outcome being:

  1. Finding a current address, phone or email.
  2. Identifying social media profiles or alternative contact information.
  3. Validating a Passport or other form of identification.

What is a standard/average project? 

Average projects are single-person due diligence and take ten (10) hours to complete. Formal written reports with analysis can be provided, and sources are provided only if they are publicly available. Turn-around time is between 7-10 calendar days during non-peak times. Typically, we spend two (2) hours collecting data/information, two (2) hours processing data into usable formats, three (3) hours analyzing it, and one (1) hour writing and discussing the findings with the client. The final available two (2) hours are spent writing a report (if desired) or on collection, processing and analysis for a deeper understanding of the research subject.

These services are slightly more in-depth, and usually there is a pending/possible court proceeding or a potential financial investment involved.  Throughout a Standard Project, we prefer to have a non-billable, up to one (1) hour, status call around the four (4) hour mark to discuss the current findings and the path forward.  

Examples of these kinds of projects include:

  1. Finding address/contact information for missing witnesses and/or their family members.
  2. Personal analysis; finding out if someone really is who they say they are or fact checking their claims.
  3. Uncovering unknown data about a person such as alternate email addresses, phone numbers, or old LinkedIn entries that they may have deleted.
  4. Finding videos that may have been taken at the time of an event at a specific location and posted online.

What is an advanced/deep dive project (AKA a normal mergers & acquisitions project)?

This is a more robust examination of one to two individuals and a small to medium-sized company.  For this type of project, we offer free consultations to reasonably estimate the total effort that will be required and manage our client expectations. The average level of effort for an Advanced Project is 30-40 hours, and represents the research of two individuals who are <40 years old with one website and one company. $5,000 is our typical retainer fee, and each of these projects consist of a unique investigation, as clients have their own unique set of concerns/questions.  The average turnaround time is 14 days.

We have performed research that has taken up to 100 hours for one project purely based on the client’s desire to know more. During an Advanced Project, we prefer to have a non-billable, 1 hour, status call around the 8-10hr mark to discuss the current findings, the path forward, level of effort required, risk tolerances, and probability of success.

Rates & Billing

Our rates vary and depend on the project complexity, borders, risk and turn-around time requirements.  Each client is unique, and the amount of time required to achieve the desired objective will vary.  We offer free consultations and a non-billable status meeting for longer projects, to reasonably estimate the total effort and manage client expectations. Schedule a time that works for you.

We bill in three ways: hourly, project-based, and monthly recurring.  Payment terms are outlined in the letter of engagement or on the quote.

Retainers vary depending on the requested support, but they usually start at $2,500 for a Standard Project, and $5,000 for an Advanced Project (also called deep dive or mergers & acquisitions research).

Yes, you can get a written quote.  Please schedule a consultation with us first.

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