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Fulfillment Policy


1.1 Divine Intel LLC is committed to ensuring customers are treated fairly and receive value for their membership. If at any time you are dissatisfied, we’d love the opportunity to make it right. We know you may have questions about the memberships or courses available for purchase, and we have set out the terms of those here in this this Fulfillment Policy.

1.2 To the extent Divine Intel must comply with applicable United States Federal and various State laws and regulations, all purchases and transactions will be treated as required by applicable United States Federal and various State laws and regulations.

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2.1 Memberships and/or Courses

(a) Detailed descriptions of memberships are listed here; and

(b) Details of membership benefits/assets/courses and other items available are listed here:


3.1 How will we notify you?

Notifications will be sent to:

a) the email address you sign up with;
b) the email address on your profile at the time of any change notice; and/or
c) via a website announcement.


4.1 All purchases will be made in United States dollars (USD) $


5.1 Where do I send questions?

a) All concerns or questions can be submitted in writing or via our contact page. We do not accept complaints or refund requests via telephone; however, we may call you, email you, or schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting to resolve your concern.

b) Please include the following:

i) Full Name
ii) Email on your profile
iii) Email address you would like to receive a MS Teams meeting invite on
iv) Any transaction information
v) Phone number
vi) Mailing address

c) Regular Mail

General Counsel
124 W Freistadt Rd.
Unit 411
Thiensville, WI 53092

d) Online

e) Email

f) Phone



6.1 Death

a) If a member dies, please contact us using the methods listed in the Customer Service Contact section. We will reply and provide instructions on where to send the death certificate. A refund will be issued effective the last day of the month preceding the death.

6.2) Cancellation


b) There are no refunds as memberships are billed monthly and products are delivered electronically. However, if you are charged after you have submitted your cancellation, you must forward your cancellation confirmation to to request a refund.

6.3) Request for Exception

a) Requests for refund will be considered if they are submitted through one of the means listed in the Customer Service Contact section, include all of the information listed, and include a substantial explanation/justification for the request.


7.1 Delivery policy

a) All items are delivered electronically to the email address used to register the account. Access to membership benefits is determined by your membership level.

7.2 Return policy

a) There are no returns as memberships are billed monthly and products are delivered electronically.

7.3 Cancellation policy

a) Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time for any reason, access to resources is cancelled immediately and no refund is given for the last transaction.

b) If a membership was purchased for any duration other than monthly access, prorated refunds are at the sole discretion of Divine Intel. Each case will be reviewed and evaluated on its own merit.

7.4 Privacy Policy

a) Our Privacy Policy is located here:  


8.1. None.


9.1 Business Address

a) Divine Intel is a 100% virtual operation. We have business registrations with registered agents in Texas and Florida. Our team members primarily operate in Central and Eastern time zones; however, we do leverage international resources and partnerships as needed. Please contact the Secretary of State for each state for our current business registration address information.

9.2 Mailing Address

a) For customer concerns, refund request, disputes please use the address listed in the Contact Us section above.

b) For all other mailings, please contact for the appropriate mailing address.

9.3 Legal Inquires

Regular Mail
Option 4 LLC
c/o Divine Intel LLC, General Counsel
124 W Freistadt Rd.
Unit 411
Thiensville, WI 53092

9.4 Email (hosted on Office 365) (hosted on ProtonMail)


14.1 Divine Intel reserves the right to modify or amend this Fulfillment Policy at any time, for any reason, and without any notice, by posting a revised version on our Website or Platforms. Any changes to this Fulfillment Policy will become effective when Divine Intel posts the revised Fulfillment Policy on the Website or Platforms. Your browsing of our Website or use of the Platforms (including memberships and courses) following these changes means that you accept the revised Fulfillment Policy.

14.2 This policy was last modified on 17 June 2024.