Services & Support

No matter your industry, Divine Intel has solutions that are tailored to your cyber security needs.

Cell Phones

Obtain all texts, calls, images, apps, and location data from a cell phone.


Need to access a laptop but you don’t know the password? We can help!

Data Recovery

Analyze a data dump from a phone and determine if something was hacked.

Death Investigations

Have a suspicious death, need a 2nd opinion on an autopsy, or just want closure?

Find leverage for a negotiation.

On or offline,
we do it all.

Social Media: Efficiently mine social media instead of just scrolling.

Videos: Get videos from an online source.

Websites: Archive, capture, preserve, or monitor changes on a website.

Drones: Get a deep dive into admissible drone footage.


Need help with People, Places, or Things?
We've got you covered.


Discover technical (cyber) vulnerabilities or threats that pose to you or your client.


Obtain contact information for a person or a company that has obfuscated its ownership.

Deep Dives

Deep dives into companies, subcontractors, & vendors.


Untangle international ownerships.

Death Investigations

Have a Board Certified Medicolegal Death Investigator review your case.

Divine Intel is here to help you navigate the confusing territory that is the cyber world. We’ll provide you with peace of mind, the competitive edge, and world-class risk assessments to help you make well-informed decisions.