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You Find the Clients.
We find the Answers.

Don’t waste precious time on due diligence.
Hire a DivineIntel Ninja to do it for you!

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Do you have what it takes to become a ninja? Find out today by signing up for one of our memberships. We have the tools you need to become a tech ninja in no time.

Close more cases.
Make more money.

When you hire DivineIntel for due diligence work, you’re getting cyber experts with over 100 combined years of experience, a nationwide network of licensed private investigators, and international relationships to get you the most powerful arsenal of information.

You and your team can focus on building your practice and winning case strategies, writing and filing briefs, case law research, and client care.


Faster Results

Get information in days or weeks, not months or years. We spend money to save time investing 5x more than traditional private investigators on our information resources.

Better Results

We’ll get you better results because we go beyond a search engine and dumping a report of data points in your lap. We provide analysis-backed intelligence.

A few facts...

You can spend money to save time, or spend time trying to save money.

You can make more money, but you can’t make more time.

You can’t “just google it.” As of 2016, over 8 million people lived in 239 counties without an official web site or centralized source of information. Also, digital records can be scraped, buried or hidden to evade the average researcher.

Business Law

Ever hit that point in mergers and acquisitions, where neither party is comfortable putting all their cards on the table? We can help find people and information by leveraging both public and private data, a nationwide network of private investigators, and international resources to provide comprehensive due diligence packages to support mergers and acquisitions.

In fact, we saved a client from a making a huge mistake on a $30m deal when we discovered the venture capital deal broker was a serial failure.


One time in band camp…

We helped prove a foreign citizen who was in the US, with a matching name and birthday to a person on a US Sanctions/OFAC list, was not the person on a sanctions list. Identifying the true individual was in Russia, allowed her to receive her inheritance of millions of dollars.

Criminal Defense

Get a good nights sleep, balance work and home – start spending nights with your family and friends.

Take care of yourself while we help you take care of your clients.

Family Law

One time in band camp…

We identified an entire second family a husband had.

Personal Injury

One time in band camp…

We generated a highly valuable report with full contact details and backgrounds on over 30 people the attorney didn’t know about, allowing him to vastly improve his position for negotiating a settlement.

Cyber Security Facts & Stats

0 Billion
Data Breaches

Exposed in First Half of 2019

Daily Hacker Attacks

That’s One Every 39 Seconds

0 %
U.S. Companies Attacked

Phishing Attacks Last Year

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