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Newsletter – April 2023

Welcome Grasshopper! Here's what's new...

We know, we just sent you something for St Patty's day so why are you seeing this so soon? Well,we're ramping up for the FALI 2023 conference, and we wanted to get the word out as well as the link for you to submit the questions you'd like us to answer on the panel discussion! If we don't select your question, we'll still send you an answer via email after the conference.

We are proud Diamond Sponsors for the FALI 2023 Conference

We’ll be around starting Wednesday and through Saturday night’s after party.

27 April (Thursday)

  • 3pm-6pm you can find us in the Vendor Area

28 April (Friday)

  • 7pm-9pm join us as we sponsor and host the Friday Fiesta Party

29 April (Saturday)

  • 9:4am-11:15am our Founder presents on using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to research people and organizations
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm we’ll host a Breakout Session where we answer your questions about OSINT and online investigations. Submit your question here.

Cheat Sheet

This month we have curated the latest Unclaimed Property links for 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Google Dorks & Tips of the Month

Number (Age) Range

Ever trying to find profiles for someone on a dating site, and one of the data points you want to use to narrow it is age, but you’re not sure what the exact age is that they’ve put on the profile? Try adding either of these methods to your search query, they are both interpreted the same by google.

21. .25

This also works if you’re trying to find someone you think is selling an item because google ignores currency and accounting symbols such as the dollar sign or commas.

miami 15000. .17000 Honda Accord
21. .25 blonde female

Date Range

This is clunky at times, and results can vary, but when it works its worth the time you spent to try it. The date range: operator will help you find web pages based on the last date that Google cached them. Sometimes there’s an obscure website that was crawled once or twice, and it never made its way to, and it is now dead. Knowing the date it was cached can be very valuable when you are building a case with specific timelines, because you know that it had to exist on that day.

There are two requirements:

  1. You must always provide it two dates
  2. The dates must be in Julian date format (converter tool)

daterange:2460022-2460022 (This will limit results to March 18, 2023.)
daterange:2459657-2460022 (This will limit results from Jan 1, 2023 to Mar 18 2023.)

If you use the Tools menu, you have other ways to restrict your search results, but you will not get the same results.

Google has also released the before: and after: operators now that you can type into the search box,followed by a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD, without quotes. You can use single digits for the day or month if you wish.

before:2023 and before:2023-01-01 will give you the same results.

Final Reminders...

Putting it all together, there’s one last thing to remember – SAFE SEARCH. Performing the following search resulted in 111K results with safe search turned off and 70K with it turned on.

21. .25 blonde female candy daterange:2459657-2460022

So let’s try using Julian dates for 1 Jan 1970 – 1 Jan 1975 to find information on Candy Darling, a 1970’s movie star.

21. .25 blonde female candy daterange:2440588-2442414

Well, that’s weird isn’t it, it’s the same results. Why? Remember, the dates represent when google crawled the page, not the date of the information.

These techniques are published in a variety of sources, but some of the ones we used to fact-check this post were & Google Hacking Volume 2 ISBN-13:978-1-59749-176-1

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