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Thank you for stopping by to check out an article today. I invite you to grab a cup or a glass of your favorite beverage sit back and enjoy. This is my personal blog therefore I take a casual style of writing, and I want my readers to feel like we’re just hanging out. Because this is my personal blog I take the liberty of having a little personality in my writing and you will find a little sarcasm and a little humor. You will also find that I use pronouns I, we, you, us, our etc., and this is because I’m part of the InfoSec community, and part of the story I’m writing about. Again, this is my personal blog, not a corporate blog, academic journal, or doctrine documentation.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment or reach out to me privately via my open DM on Twitter @GRC_Ninja.

To my decision-making readers, I’m candid, honest, and tough on you all, and that’s because you choose to lead, therefore I hold you to a higher standard.  It’s also because I know many people are afraid to share with you the things you need to hear with the brutal honesty you’d appreciate. As you read, please remember it is never my intention to offend you, only to share with you a view from the trenches and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the InfoSec daily grind.

To my readers in the trenches, I understand that many of us are passionate and spend countless hours protecting our employer, families, and making the internet a safer place without anyone ever knowing it.  I try to share experiences, provide useful insights, and help bridge the gap between the trenches and the board rooms. I also aim to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the business concerns and battles for funding to support and enable your InfoSec efforts.

Thank you again, and if you have questions,  comments,  please share them.  If you have a consulting inquiry, please DM me on Twitter.