Due Diligence

If you can’t think of it – you can’t defend against it.

This service is for everyone, whether you are a lawyer, law enforcement, defendant, prosecutor, or a business professional.

Legal Due Diligence

Attorneys, Defendants and Plaintiffs
Whether civil or criminal, information is critical for victory. We support attorneys with research leveraging unorthodox approaches, closed source information, and open source intelligence (OSINT). We do not provide private investigation services, however we can refer you to a licensed private investigator if you need one.

Law Enforcement
We offer free consultations, volunteer investigation support, and customized training for Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) and Criminal Analysts. We have staff vetted and credentialed with Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) identification numbers. Note these individuals are not sworn officers.


Business Due Diligence

Strategic Intelligence – pull back the veil
Ever wish you had known something before you spent your money? Strategic Intelligence is that intelligence necessary to create, implement, and continually improve a strategy, playing a critical role in risk mitigation, business growth, and security. We partner with our customers to identify their Strategic Intelligence needs and the research support to meet those needs.

We get it – you may not want to work with everyone who wants to work with you. Find out if someone is who/what they say they are. Learn the difference between verification and validation.

Mergers and Acquisitions 
Uncover the risks that are not reflected in the ledger: geographic threats, discrepancies in assertions, timelines that do not add up, inaccurate claims of skills/experience, behaviors unbecoming of leadership, etc.

Do you know who really owns a company? Do you know if someone has foreign contacts or are potentially vulnerable to foreign influence? Do their relationships, clients, or past activities pose a potential threat? Do they associate with criminals?