Digital Footprinting & Data Removal

For privacy-minded individuals who would like to reduce the information about them that is publicly available.

Take Back Your Privacy

There are plenty of services offering to remove your information from the Internet for between $100 and $500, and they in fact get your information removed. However, within a matter of weeks or months, your data begins to slowly repopulate, and eventually you wind up paying for the services again. By design, this is a repeat business model because they never truly address the source of the problem: consumer behavior.


Luckily for you, we not only work to remove your personal data, but we also teach you how it populates so you can take back control of your privacy. This is one service where we hope to never have repeat customers, rather fully satisfied customers who recommend us to their friends and family. We offer various levels of data removal to meet different client needs, to include customers who just want to know what information is out there, to those who want to reduce spam and marketing calls/mailings/emails, and the few who truly want to take back their privacy.

The Problem

Your personal information is scattered all over the Internet, and you don’t know where to begin to remove it. This information could be used in multiple, even nefarious ways:

  • Stalking
  • Bullying
  • Identity theft
  • Pedophiles targeting minors
  • Potential employers “vetting” you through other parties
  • Scammers targeting you
  • Revenge
  • Litigation

The Solution

The Personal Privacy Assessment (PPA) for one individual starts with a minimum of a 4-hour assessment; however, the total hours required for a comprehensive assessment will vary depending on client needs/request.

A full report of findings and data sources is provided for the client. PPA clients receive 50% off the Hide Me or Erase Me service if purchased within 90 days of report delivery.

A service for customers who simply want to know what information is out there about them. Often, this service is best suited for people who simply do not have the time to write the letters and submit the inquiries to obtain their consumer reports.

These reports reflect your consumer behavior such as your purchasing habits, vehicle accident history, prescription history, and a variety of other information used for targeted marketing.

However, this same information can also be used to influence premiums and rates you are charged for services. Knowledge is not power until is it used, but you must first obtain it. Allow us to help you gain a better understanding of what information is out there about you and empower you to take action to have it removed and/or corrected as needed.

A service for customers whose goal is to reduce the insane junk mail, unwanted calls, and email spam. First, we teach you how your information is captured and later sold to whomever is willing to buy a list of names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

We also work to understand what your tolerance level is for these kinds of marketing/mailings, review the pros and cons of different behavior changes, and then help you regain control of your phone, mailbox, and inboxes.

This helps reduce the stress in your life, allows you to focus on the things that matter, and reduces the amount of noise you have to sift through on a daily basis. A biproduct of this service is an increase in personal security as you take back some of your privacy.

A service for clients who are serious about taking back their privacy. For clients who believe they have strong levels of privacy already, we recommend the Personal Privacy Assessment service. This and the Erase Me service are heavily focused on educating clients on the ways in which their personal information is at risk on websites such as social media, their employer, and even “offical” sites. 

We do not accept clients for this service who are not committed to changing their behavior as we feel it would be unethical to take payment and put forth the effort knowing that it will be nullified shortly after completion.

A service for public officials, law enforcement (part-time,, full-time, or any other sworn-in capacity), identity theft victims, or clients at risk of physical harm.

Our Services

Inform Me


Per person

Stop the Madness


Per person

Hide Me


Per person

Erase Me


Per person

** Does not include credit reports from Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, or Innovis. These reports reflect your consumer behavior such as purchase habits, accident history, prescription history which can affect rates you are charged for services.

Personalized Privacy Assessment (PPA) services for one individual start at $300, and vary depending on the client’s request(s). A full report of findings and data sources is provided for the client. PPA clients receive 50% off Hide Me or Erase Me service if purchased within 90 days.

Discounts are available for Veterans +spouse/widow, Active Duty +spouse/widow, Law Enforcement +spouse/widow

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